Single-Page vs. Multi-page Websites: Which Is Right for You?

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You’re ready to build a website to tell the world who you are. Now your question is if it’s really worth spending all that money on elaboration to fill a good few pages for your viewers to click through and read. Maybe a single-pager is enough? Or is it shortchanging your business? Let’s explore the pros and cons of single page websites and analyze some examples of websites that do a great job at achieving their goals.

What exactly is a single-page website?

One-page websites are built with only one page. Viewers can jump to sections lower down on the page using continuous scrolling or menu navigation like you see here. This allows you to display everything you want them to see in a single visit and makes for efficient communication of the information you want to give over.

Why would I choose a one-page website?

Single-page websites are used for various purposes. Considering their brevity, compared to that of a multi-page site, one pagers are often used for:

  • Single-product display
  • Personal websites
  • Portfolios
  • Events 
  • Small businesses

Let’s explore some of the reasons to choose a single- page website.

Quick to Launch

With a one-page website, your business or work can be live online faster than with a multi-page website, which takes longer to put together. It’s a great way to attract attention quickly and showcase a specific product or niche, especially if you don’t have a lot of content, or are rushing to go live before a specific deadline.

Easy to Navigate

Single-page websites are gaining popularity in today’s fast-paced world. People are opting for mobile viewing and social media platforms to access information and want to see all they’re looking for instantaneously. Rather than clicking and waiting for another page to load, they want to get information by scrolling with minimal effort. As long as design is kept clean and simple, like you see here, one-pagers provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Increases Conversions

If you’re building a website, chances are you’re looking to motivate people to do something, like buy your product, use your service, or make a donation to your cause. On a single page, distractions are eliminated and options are limited, which means your users won’t end up on a different tab and forget to take action. They won’t get frustrated by slow loading after they decide to make a move. Having everything they need on one page makes it easy for them to stay focused and if your content is compelling, there’s no reason for them to hesitate before taking action.

Keeps Users Focused

Single- pagers easily capture visitors’ attention and keep them hooked until they’ve gotten all the information you’re offering. That’s why when used for a single purpose, such as selling a specific product or service, it’s important to keep a logical flow of content that is easy for readers to digest. Check out how keeps you reading and scrolling until you’re ready to donate. When focused on one goal and designed in a way that encourages continuous scrolling, single-page sites offer an instantly rewarding experience for their users.


Before you start dreaming up your one-pager, let’s first compare the alternatives. A multi-page site may give you just what you need and help you achieve your goals better. Read on.

Why choose a multi-page website?

Feature More Content

For many businesses, the range of services or scope of information they provide viewers with simply won’t fit into one page. With website text, the rule is ‘less is always more’. A web page crowded with paragraphs just overwhelms readers and most often prevents them from starting to read at all. Organizing content strategically and dividing it amongst several pages (but not too many!) will help viewers find what they’re looking for easily and lead them to explore the varied parts of your website. See how offers a great user experience that includes easy navigation and comprehensive explanations of the organization’s various programs.

Maximize SEO Power

Having the ability to feature more content can mean incorporating more keywords and winning more visibility. The more you analyze, tweak, and enhance your content, the higher your chance for being noticed by search engines becomes. SEO optimization on a site with multiple pages allows you to take full advantage of its components and ultimately drive more traffic.

Enjoy Scalability

Multi-page sites offer unlimited options for expansion, when needed. As your business grows and offers a wider range of services or products, you’ll have the ability to add pages and integrate additional navigation tools, such as a search bar or expanded menu. See how offers dropdown menus for easy navigation between service options. With a one-page site, however, opportunity for scaling is very limited.

Give Them the Details They’re Looking For

With more room for expansion and elaboration, a multi-page site allows users to dive deeper into your business and get a comprehensive understanding of what you’re offering them. By organizing content across different pages, you gain the opportunity to address different audiences, as well. On this therapy agency site, for example, client families can access general agency information, helpful resources, and service details, while potential employees can find information about hiring and training opportunities.

So, whether you opt for a brief one-pager or a comprehensive multi-page website, our team is here to help. At Creative Web Services we offer all you need to bring your website from fantasy to fruition with trademark creativity, skill, and speed. Reach out at 201.212.6367 or Partner with us today to promote your business with a professional online presence.

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